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My Top 5 Mindfulness Playlists

Finding a mindfulness practice has literally changed my life. Before having a daily practice, I lived with consistent fatigue, anxiety and depression which left me absolutely deflated. I thought there was a specific way to be mindful and I found it overwhelming to know where to start.

As I built daily practices, I managed to find joy in silence, calm in movement and an energy recharge within nature. These are perfect scenarios for relaxation although sometimes my day-to-day didn’t always align.

The reality was I felt time-poor from working full-time and pushing myself to work late through the night. By the time I got home, I had absolutely no capacity to practice and by the morning I was exhausted.

Music helped me to start daily relaxation, especially when I was in draining environments such as workplaces, public transport and the busy city bustle. I learnt to cope in the time I had between tasks, meetings and destination points. When I arrived home, I would tune in to the longer playlists to help me let go of the day. Here are some of the playlists that have assisted in my journey of finding a practice.

1. Yoga & Meditation

The Yoga & Meditation Spotify playlist is an all-around playlist for meditation, movement practice or slowing down when you are on-the-go. I regularly have this playlist on shuffle as it is great background music while at work, in the commute or at home.

2. Michael Sealey

Michael has a wealth of videos on his YouTube channel including guided meditation and a variety of deep hypnosis. His videos are better suited for longer sessions when you get home and preparing for bed. I’m personally a fan of his sleep playlist and pain relief playlist.

3. Dancing to African Heat

Sometimes mindfulness doesn’t have to be so quiet and calm. I really like the African Heat Spotify playlist when I need to get loose and let go of energy through movement. A great playlist after a hard day or if you feel stagnant energy in your body.

4. Nu Meditation Music

Nu Meditation Music compose longer tracks to shift energy for life-long change. The 7 chakras sleep meditations helped with pain-relief and various tracks on the meditation playlist for relaxation.

5. Peaceful Meditation

Peaceful Meditation is a Spotify playlist that I regularly listen to. It has a mix of tracks from various artists. The tracks start off slow and gradually incorporate some base and an upbeat tone, perfect for a flow practice.

I hope these playlists bring you as much peace in your daily life as they have for me. There are no rules for setting a daily practice. It’s really what works for you and helps you to feel a sense of relaxation.

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