A picture of Courtney Foon, freelance writer, poet, designer and storyteller.

Hey, I’m Courtney. I am a freelance writer and strategic designer currently exploring the world, visiting beautiful destinations and hidden trails.

I write experiential stories, articles and poetry about travel, lifestyle, wellbeing, mindfulness and creativity. I also offer strategic services to improve the customer experience for any business.

Below, I’ve included a detail list of my service offering. If you are interested in these services, I’d love to collaborate with you.

Travel excites me, words move me, and creativity fuels me. I listen and observe with my heart to translate the world I see through visualisation.

Freelance Writing

Photo of a travellers notebook, map, magnifying glass and camera

Lifestyle & Travel
Documenting global experiences through colourful cultures and hidden trails. Sharing travel hacks and fails, mouth-watering dishes from local cuisine, solo-travel tips, adventures within nature and more. Currently contributing to Travelista Club.

Sharing my journey through life, mindfulness, wellbeing and spirituality. Exploring my inner psyche and learning to cope with challenges, lifestyle changes and shadows of my ego. Currently contributing to Native Two.

Creative Writing & Poetry
Experiential storytelling and visual portraiture, depicting an event, moment, time, concept or idea. This kind of writing evokes a feeling or sense of self that will connect with concepts of identity, existence, gratitude and privilege. A personal practice that I choose to share with the world.

Strategy & Design

An image of a person using an iPad (digital device)

Human-Centred Experiences
Improve digital products and services by better engagement with your customers. Deeply understand customer behaviour, motivations and desires which can be the difference in delivering an effective experience. Through participatory research with customers, user experience design (UX), interface design and testing, I can help you transform the relationship you have with customers.

Graphic Design & Instructional Design
Visual communication that assists with business growth, offers an opportunity for further engagement, supports marketing and aligns with brand values. Instructional design including workflows, instruction manuals and guides.

Information Architecture
Improving the structure of information for readers and the comprehension of labels, terminology and other content. Rank the hierarchy and grouping of information to best suit specific tasks that readers have.

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